How can we help you?
We can offer a range of products and the answer is not always as simple as it looks. How to embed an appropriate leather bookcase Panels into the already existing library?
Is it possible, without causing an aesthetic dissonance, to put side by side, a collection of old volumes and modern document folders with leather custom made Spines?
How to cover empty shelves or any unatractive items, in order to transform the look of it into the beautiful bookshelf?
Would it be possible to tastefully combine already existing collection of valuable volumes with the exemplary imitation of unique Books?
How to fill an empty shelf with extraordinarily crafted Books or to transform a doorway into an immaculate bookcase? How to hide useful storage space, or to remake dull wall niche, into antique library bookcase?
How attractive would it be to hide a safe behind exquisite fake Books?

The initial stage focuses on discussing your needs and requirements and to use these to develop the best methods of implementation. After choosing the most appropriate style and function for the false Book Panels there comes the next stage - final specification of dimensions, colours, styles and the textual content to emboss on the Spines. Our designer prepares the visualisation of Book Spines matching the requirements. The product is manufactured after acquiring your final approval for the design and the final cost. The completed, made to order product, can be shipped to any place in the world.

Library bookshelves fillers
False bookcase
Stylized office binders & journal holders in a traditional interior
Custom blind & gold tooling, Spine titling

Library bookshelves fillers
Filled with unattractive items or empty, shelves can be covered best with the false Book Supported Panels.
All we need is the width, the depth and the height of the shelves measured from the inside. The distance between the shelves and the floor is also necessary. Photographs of the case would be very helpful, as well as the indication of desired colour and the style of the library. The examples from our Book Spine range gallery are a good starting point for developing desired stylization.
We are more than happy to adjust the size of the Panel to fit perfectly into the precise dimensions of the shelves. A 5 to 10 mm margins of empty space is usually left between top of the Spines and the shelf, in order to make fillings appear more realistic. The empty space could be enlarged and diversified on the highest shelves as it is usually impossible to see the tips of Spines at the height of 190 cm and above.

Depending on your needs, we can cover the shelves partially. The Panel rests on the decorative side imitating a beautiful Book cover. This could be an interesting alternative to filling the full width of the shelf. The exquisitely crafted hardcover can be applied on both sides of the Panel or on one side.

The shelf characterized by significant height (above 400 mm) gives us number of alternative choices. The shelf could be filled with large magnificent volumes. There could be fake Books lying horizontally and thus giving the impression of resting on top of the Books. If the shelf is placed on the eye level, that is around 120 to 160 cm above the ground, we could install the full size Book replicas that could be picked up and admired from all sides. Such replicas could be much smaller than the height of the shelf.

We provide extraordinary solution dedicated for the empty corner bookshelf cases. Our fake bookshelf Panels can be curved, and thus giving the impression of rounded shelves.

False Bookcase
consists of decorative narrow Panels instead of the full size bookshelves. This would be a refine answer to transform: hidden doors, unattractive bookcase, surface of a cupboard door or a wall niche, into the beautiful library bookcase. We are able to fix the flat bookcase Panels correctly into the precise dimensions of the already existing frames and shelves and into the shallow shelves of the pretended bookcase.
It would be most convenient to first built the pretended bookcase in order to fit in our false bookcase Panels. We require the width, the depth and the height of your bookcase. Consider enhancing the realistic appearance by diversification of the bookshelves height. We propose the dimensions varying 24 to 30 cm. The bookshelf, in the instance of pretended bookcase, is 30 to 50 cm deep. Our false Book Panel is about 10 mm shallower than the depth of each shelf.
The made to order false bookcase Panels are ready to attach by simple screwing on the sides of the pretended shelves. This way your hidden doors or an unattractive wall niche gain the original look of functional library.

Stylized office binders & Journal holders in a traditional interior.
This is a modern stationery for storing your documents among the classic furniture. We customise the binders and holders to fit into the interior design while maintaining their function and practicality.
The Leitz binders usually come in A4 size (318 by 280 mm). Our binders are made from superb materials with elegantly rounded Spines. The style and colour of your choice, as well as the textual content, is immaculately crafted on the Spines in line with the approved design.
To ensure complete satisfaction, we present graphic designs and sketches to discuss the stylization and the textual content. The sides of our binders are usually black and covered with super durable materials resembling leather.
The Spines are made with the quality leather. We propose two standard measurements of the Spine width: 52 mm and 80 mm. It is advisable to plan the arrangement of the binders on the shelf in such a way as to let the binders sides be obscured by Books or by the full size Book replicas. Another solution would be to fill in the whole shelf from edge to edge with the binders, thus revealing only their beautiful Spines.
In order to find the binder you need, we suggest numbering each binder just as in a classic collection of volumes. Another way of distinguishing each binder would be to have appropriate gold titles, symbols, logos or brand names embossed on the Spines.

File folder holders have all the sides covered with quality leather.
Holders measuring 320 x 230 x 90 mm are perfect for storing A4 files. Our file folder holders are basicly wooden, padded with decorative papers or soft fabric from the inside and covered with the leather all around the outside.
Most popular and traditional colour for this kind of stationery is dark brown but we are ready to have it made in any possible colour to suit your needs and imagination. The Spines of holders are decorated accordingly to your wishes and available styles. The same as with the binders, the Spines can be beautifully crafted and gilded with gold titles, symbols, logos or brand names

Custom blind & gold tooling, Spine titling
We offer dozens of hundreds of renowned titles for your consideration. No discipline nor language is a barrier for us. Therefore we can emboss any texts or symbols onto the Spines at a relatively low cost.
Customized description on the Spines is especially helpful while looking for the right file. However, we suggest to add additional description on the Spines that would not necessarily reveal the content, but that would adjust the appearance to stay perfectly in tune with the already existing design of the library, office or chosen interior.